What comes after
the storm?

Foresight thanks to our economic forecasts

Dozens of companies have been relying on the Peter Meier Forecasting Model for years

What are the advantages of our forecasting?

  • Simple: The forecasts are clear, simple and self-explanatory. They contain detailed charts, as well as short commentaries on the order intake trend and on general economic cycles.
  • Company specific: The model is configured individually for each company, making it possible to forecast at the level of individual companies or their divisions.
  • Scientific: Order predictions are based on the scientifically proven Peter Meier Forecasting Model.
  • Empirical: On the basis of this model, the last three major crises (dot-com bubble in 2001/ financial crisis in 2008 and actual crisis 2019/2020) as well as other less grave economic fluctuations, were predicted at an early stage. Dozens of companies have been basing their decisions on these forecasts for years.
  • Quarterly: Forecasts are updated by hpo forecasting experts every three months and delivered to customers electronically.

What are the benefits for your company?

  • Increased planning security: Reliable forecasts of incoming orders can be used as a basis for capacity planning, investment risk assessment, and other strategic management and board level decisions.
  • Independent second opinion on your company’s order estimates: Company sales teams know the market very well, but their predictions may be influenced by personal Sales successes or failures in the recent past. hpo forecasting offers an independent second opinion. The prediction of economic watersheds is a unique selling point.
  • Benchmark: For all customers, we create a benchmark of how the company's incoming orders compare with those in the industry. This simple graph alone is a real eye-opener for many customers, since the historical development of this data is rarely systematically collected and observed.
  • Regular exchange of information with the hpo forecasting team: We are available to our customers at any time for personal meetings, if they have any questions or wish to discuss the economic trend or adequate measures, also at their own premises.
Our forecast new orders machine tools CH already indicated in June 2018 a downturn for 2019/2020.
Graphic forecasting
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