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hpo economic forecasts for industry

About us

hpo forecasting is a specialist in the production of individual forecasts for incoming orders of industrial companies. The forecast model was developed more than 20 years ago by Peter Meier and has been successfully applied ever since. Numerous producers of capital goods (especially mechanical engineering) and durable consumer goods (e.g. automotive industry, furniture manufacturing) trust our forecasts.

hpo forecasting Facts

Forecasting activity for industrial companies for over 20 years

The Swiss association of mechanical and electrical engineering industries (Swissmem) has been working with our industry forecasts since 1999

Over 100 industry forecasts worldwide

Global economic crisis from 2019 announced in the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) on 14 May 2018

Who is hpo forecasting?

hpo forecasting is an affiliated company of hpo management consulting ag since 2019 and was founded over 20 years ago by ETH engineer Peter Meier under the name USP Consulting GmbH. Peter Meier is also the developer of the unique, purely mathematical forecast model. hpo forecasting has exclusively secured the rights to use the model.

Today, a small team of forecasting specialists under the leadership of Josua Burkart takes care of the forecasting activities.

What does hpo forecasting do?

The forecast specialists continue Peter Meier's life's work with great commitment and passion. With the understanding of the economy as an oscillating system and the scientifically Sound and empirically tested Peter-Meier Forecasting Model, industry and company-specific order intake forecasts derived from them are produced. Each model is configured specifically for each company and allows company-specific forecasts of incoming orders, taking into account the economic cycles. The forecast period extends over 18 months or 5 years for long-term forecasts.

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